Amazon’s Head in the Cloud

Remarkable Depth and Breadth in Cloud Computing, and an Intriguing New Service

by Bruce Kleinman, FSVadvisors

At face value, it is a bit of a brain twister: Amazon’s goal of being the “everything store” on the one hand, that is, and its massive cloud services business on the other. At first glance, not exactly peanut butter and chocolate. Walmart and Costco are not actively hawking their data processing capabilities—which one imagines as quite formidable—on the open market.

Turn the clock back a few years and it makes sense. Amazon developed their massive datacenters in-house because their requirements could not be readily met with existing solutions. As time passed, they developed more and more value-added differentiation. And, at some point, someone thinking well outside the box suggests “let’s monetize our unique datacenter capabilities by selling them in the emerging cloud computing market.” At least that is how I envision it going down; I am sure reality was more nuanced and more interesting.  Read More

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January 21, 2015

New PCIe Gen3 Carrier in AMC Format from VadaTech

January 13, 2015

Ultra-small form factor targets power-efficient mobile applications and offers fast time-to-market and high reliability

January 12, 2015

AMD Embedded Radeon™ HD 7850 GPU Accelerates Medical Imaging

January 05, 2015

congatec launches COM Express and Thin Mini-ITX on 5th generation Intel® Core™ processor for industrial reliability

December 12, 2014

Rugged Compact PC from Aitech Improves Reliable, High Performance Computing in Harsh Environments

December 02, 2014

VadaTech Offers New AdvancedTCA High-End Processor/Carrier for PCIe Gen 3 Cards

December 01, 2014

Ultrathin 1.8mm, 3A µModule Regulator in 6.25mm x 6.25mm LGA Package for PCIe, ATCA, microTCA Cards & Backside PCB Assembly

Enhanced COTS Subsystem from Aitech Integrates High Performance with Exceptional Ruggedization

November 24, 2014

ACCES I/O Products Releases Rugged Mini PCI Express Isolated RS232 Serial Communication Cards with Tru-Iso™ Isolation and Extended Temperature

October 14, 2014

congatec Unveils New COM Express Mini Module with ECC Support

September 26, 2014

VadaTech Offers Hybrid 2U MicroTCA Chassis Platform with Rear Transition Slots

September 25, 2014

New Amplicon embedded PC offers maximum PCI/PCIe expansion flexibility in fanless compact design

RGS Expands Education Portfolio with Wi-Fi Learning System for Windows

August 29, 2014

VadaTech Announces Rugged MicroTCA.1 Subrack Chassis and Modules

August 20, 2014

ADLINK Unveils High Performance PXI Express Embedded Controller With 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor

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Job Openings at AMD

posted by Jim Turley

Chip giant AMD just lost three top executives. (13-Jan)

A Microphone for Gestures and Canines

posted by Bryon Moyer

What would one do with Knowles’ ultrasonic microphone? (8-Jan)

Is the IoT Secure?

posted by Dick Selwood

There are serious fears over the security of the Internet of Things (11-Sep)

Intersil Re-emerges

posted by Bryon Moyer

Intersil is reintroducing itself as it aims its power technology squarely at two new markets. (22-Apr)

Ten years and rolling

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Verifying Your Awesomeness

Posted on 01/24/15 at 1:38 AM by Kev

I would ask the question: what is it that you are verifying?

Digital stuff is all representable as FSMs and it should be possible to make that run fast in simulation and formally verify that the implementation is correct. However, there are lots of ana…

2014 Letdown

Posted on 01/19/15 at 1:21 PM by Dick Selwood

Dick Selwood
Just shows I have probably been around too long. I meant to type ST. But the back of my mind was SGS Thomson. How long ago did they change the name? Just checked- only 17 years ago

EDA for SETs

Posted on 01/19/15 at 9:26 AM by bmoyer

What do you think of this algorithmic approach to fitting logic into single-electron transistor fabrics?

2014 Letdown

Posted on 01/16/15 at 4:24 PM by MikeB

"While the rest of the world seems to accept that three-dimensional or FinFET technology is the only way to keep up with Moore's Law, SGS seems to be making steady progress ..."

Well spotted on noting it's two companies sharing the same HQ, but it's Th…

Calypto Refreshes HLS

Posted on 01/16/15 at 12:12 PM by bmoyer

One other thought: I'll be moderating a SystemC panel at DVcon on 3/4; perhaps we'll learn more from that discussion.

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