Heartbleed: Serious Security Vulnerability

Serious Wake-up Call

by Bruce Kleinman, FSVadvisors, foreword by Kevin Morris

Imagine if you woke up one morning, and found out that Walmart was now selling a device for $5 that could easily and instantly open almost any deadbolt lock. That’s right - the kind of lock that is supposed to give “extra protection” to just about every door on earth. That’s the magnitude of security problem posed by the Heartbleed Bug.

Contributing columnist Bruce Kleinman wrote the first half of this article and posted it to his “From Silicon Valley” blog on April 6, 2014. The timing of the post was a remarkable coincidence: just 36 hours before the Heartbleed Bug started making headlines.

As the creators of technology, we engineers need to re-think our commitment to security and safety. The systems we design don’t just earn us money – they are often trusted to protect people’s lives, privacy, and assets. This is a solemn responsibility that is all too often overlooked or given short shrift in our ongoing race to get timing closure, first silicon, working prototypes, and volume shipments.  Read More

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Heartbleed: Serious Security Vulnerability

Posted on 04/16/14 at 2:19 PM by TotallyLost

Now if you would like a healthy chill in your spine about client and server side security, consider the following attack that is likely to show up in the wild soon, simply because of how easy/effective it is.

Since IT folks and customers have become VM…

Heartbleed: Serious Security Vulnerability

Posted on 04/16/14 at 11:46 AM by TotallyLost

Bruce ... I agree that authentication can be dramatically improved .... however that is less than 1% of the real problem when the base computing platform and environment is not secure.

Securing that is neither easy, or likely, so normal everyday users …

Heartbleed: Serious Security Vulnerability

Posted on 04/16/14 at 11:31 AM by kleinman


This has been a good & healthy bit of "argy bargy", thank you!

You've pointed out some good items and raised awareness that users need to take greater responsibility [a] for client-side security and [b] to 'vote' with their business for gre…

Heartbleed: Serious Security Vulnerability

Posted on 04/16/14 at 11:09 AM by TotallyLost

The answer to "how would you improve internet security" ... don't use it, or any computer connected to the internet, to process or store data that you can not risk being compromised.

I have held DOD security clearances, and managed secure data centers,…

Heartbleed: Serious Security Vulnerability

Posted on 04/16/14 at 10:51 AM by kleinman

Kudos (again) for raising good points; I am not sure I understand your line of thought however. Yes, there are always vectors of attack (malware, for example) ... are you suggesting that because there is no such thing as perfect security that we should n…

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