Attack of the Tiny Terrors

Don't worry - by the time Microchip gets anywhere near to running low on part numbers, they will have integrated a fractional part number converter circuit on-chip. smiling

The CLC is a nice addition, though they are hardly the first with something like th…


Toward Ten TeraFLOPS

This is good news and has been a long time coming. Having viable floating point processing on FPGA will open up new markets for HPC applications. To really compete in those markets Altera will need to increase the domain-specific content in their OpenCL …


Programming QuickLogic’s Sensor Hub

What do you think about QuickLogic's approach to making hardware accessible to sensor fusion software folks?


Heartbleed: Serious Security Vulnerability

Now if you would like a healthy chill in your spine about client and server side security, consider the following attack that is likely to show up in the wild soon, simply because of how easy/effective it is.

Since IT folks and customers have become VM…

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