I Brick Your Chip

Let me ask you this:
Assume your smart phone got stolen. Besides wiping the personal data, would you brick it if you could? Or would you let the thief enjoy his theft and practically encourage him?

Now assume he sold it to someone else. Is your …


Sensor Arrays

Finally, a condenser location that won't saturate! Why, the sooner we can improve the VOC condition of the mineral environment by running an all-photonic control loop plant, the sooner we can mine and do pressure and height-mass based energy storage miles…


NASA releases massive library of sounds recorded in space

Mostly you know, ah...screaming. But not you, probably. B-roll is an audio engineer's bread and butter, and NASA had all these...yes, stereo and 8-track heads...plus a roster of things it could rule out in the Mission Failure column.


Let’s Get This Party Kickstarted

Exactly; it's the results that are the proof. The test is, well, the test. smiling


A New IoT Cellular Network

What do you think of SIGFOX's new cellular-for-IoT concept?

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