Viva Vivado!

This sounds all nice...

... and matches the claims of the Xilinx marketing very well.

My own experience shows that Vivado is not as shiny yet as claimed by the marketing. There are many bugs and issues from tedious (e.g. GUI Crashes) to project cri…


Communications Out of Thin Air

I didn't object to what you wrote about the technical subject matter, what I objected to was a less than precise statement about may or may not be protected by copyrights, as you rewrite, condense, summarize, or extract from a copyrighted work. You spent …


CEO For a Day

You get your BS in engineering, and with that your formal training does in a lot of ways define what you might be competent at.

Many then choose to get their MBA to extend the engineering formal training into a management track as well.

Some even ch…


The Last Centimeter

What do you think of Lava's solution to getting data onto an Internet of Things connection?


Smaller, Cheaper SerDes


Thanks Bruce ... I was just taking Kevin at his word when he said "While most of us are used to FPGAs being announced months (and sometimes years) before they are actually available, ECP5 is available now."

Available for small shops like …


Want to live in nerd paradise? Head to this state

which is really funny since the tech empires are in MA, CA, TX, and CO -- and to some degree MN


Toward Ten TeraFLOPS

When it comes to SEU type errors we have done some work but quite frankly TMR is the only way to be sure. Banks currently have three or four processors work on the same problem and vote. In a normal processor they have ECC ram but no one has an ECC multip…

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