Toward Ten TeraFLOPS

One key subtle point, but absolutely necessary to get performance on applications, is the need for the hard DSP to support the floating point Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) unit...as in how many times fast can you say "dot-product"...
The diagram I've seen in…


Google's Smartphone Revolution

What do you think of Google's Project Ara? What kind of module would you develop first?


Attack of the Tiny Terrors

I will say I have appreciated some of the bits of "glue" microchip has included in some of the processors. Coupled with the relatively high output drive capability, and some PICs (the nnHVxxx flavors) with a built-in shunt regulator, it can really help ke…


CEO For a Day

Think you've got what it takes to be a Silicon Valley CEO? Let's hear it.


Communications Out of Thin Air

Just to clarify something that comes up frequently in your comments, I never intended to assert that this was specifically energy-free. The point is that the system doesn't have to generate the radiated signal - it bounces the existing one. It, of course,…


Freescale Goes Nuts for ARM

The product line is certainly very interesting ... and is likely to give Microchip and Atmel some competition smiling

The motor controllers and multicore Arm's are a game changer.

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