Automotive Top Ten: Ten Points to Consider When Using Logic in Your Next Automotive Design

Actel is a leading supplier of FPGAs to the automotive industry. Actel parts are being used in the most demanding mission-critical systems, such as powertrain and safety subsystems, in addition to infotainment and body electronics designs.

Actel FPGAs are found in automotive applications as diverse as engine control modules (ECM), blind spot vehicle detection, collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control (ACC), rearview back-up assistance vision systems, power steering control, personnel occupancy detection systems (PODS), and video and on-screen text display multiplexing. A combination of firm-error immunity, ultra-low power, extended temperature range, single-chip, and live-at-power-up operation all make Actel the high-reliability choice for under-the-hood, safety, and telematics applications.  

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